Welcome to Noir et Blanc!

I created this blog so I had a space to organise my thoughts, deconstruct my feelings and share my experiences. I had no idea when Noir et Blanc began, we’d still be here and it would become what it has. To everyone who follows and reads every blog, know how much I love and appreciate you. Thank you for always reaching out on social media and being the thirsty fangirls and fanboys I never dreamed this blog would have. What has truly become the heart and soul of this page are the stories and opinion pieces on life, love and relationships.

As Noir et Blanc continues it’s journey, I promise to remain as open, honest and vulnerable as I always have. To share loves, breakups and juicy updates. To share my travels with you, my favourites with you, mistakes, lessons and realisations.

Thanks for being here. I hope you get as lost in reading these blogs as I have writing them.

Straight from the desk where these words are written…

Love, Sara.