Welcome back! It’s 2022 baby and I’m bringing Noir et Blanc BACK TO LIFE!

I have missed y’all. Immensely. It’s been an incredibly hard few years, but I’ve decided to come back to the blogging scene with monthly posts about all things that made this blog what it was. Love, heartache, gossip, sex and travel – if we ever bloody get around to it with this pandemic! *sighs* My babies… I can’t tell you all how thankful I am that you’re here on this home page once again reading this. From the bottom of my cold, black heart, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you, appreciate you and hope we reconnect again now this blog is in its comeback era.

I’m not clear on the direction of N&B. I don’t know whether I want to switch up the aesthetic, the name, re-launch, who knows? But you let me worry about working on that and you worry about sitting back and enjoying the chaos you’ve come to know me for. I may switch a few things up, but one thing is for certain – the content remains the same. Raw & unfiltered opinions, thoughts, rants, raves and – I suppose – the occasional well thought out, exceptionally well written masterpiece I actually worked hard on 😉

I originally created this blog so I had a space to organise my thoughts, deconstruct my feelings and share my experiences. I had no idea when Noir et Blanc began, we’d still be here and it would become what it has. To everyone who follows and reads every blog, know how much I love and appreciate you. Thank you for always reaching out on social media and being the thirsty fangirls and fanboys I never dreamed this blog would have. 

We’re three? – I think – years in to this blog and my love for writing down my chaotic thoughts and sharing them with you has remained the same. Though my long, extended absence, suggested great uncertainty for the future of this blog, you have my word I am back. Onwards and upwards.

Thanks for being here. I hope you get as lost in reading these blogs as I have writing them.

Love, Sara.