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I sat down to reply to a couple of blog Q’s & DMs I received and thought I’d pick some to answer and put them here. I’m still deciding on what I’d like to write about next so, here’s something light and easy to tide you over until then. I love a little Q&A sesh. Here goes…

  1. Travel to-do list? What’s on for 2021?
    I am dying to visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights and swim in that beautiful Blue Lagoon. That’s the place I can’t stop thinking about the most. However, I feel that’s a really romantic sort of trip and I kind of want to hold off on that experience until I have someone to share it with (as pathetic as that sounds.) So, in the mean time, I’d really like to head to Japan. They just held the Rugby World Cup and not going to that was definitely one of my biggest regrets. I had friends who went and supported our Wallabies and had the absolute time of their lives and I wish I had gone. So Japan is definitely up there but so is a lot of Europe. Now borders are opening back up, I know there’s some hidden little pockets my Dad would love to show me, so I hope to spend some more time with him in 2021 and just explore the EU. A bit of island hopping and limitless cocktails with the girls would be nice too to blow off some steam.
  2. Album of 2020 so far?
    Oh God that’s a big call. There’s been some brilliant releases so far in 2020. DMAs ‘The Glow’ hasn’t even come out yet but a few tracks on the soon to be released record have been on repeat in my house. I must have listened to ‘Silver’ over a hundred times by now.
  3. Who can we expect you to write about next? Who’s the NEW Mr Somebody New?
    Absolutely NOBODY. You can cancel 2020 for my love life, thanks. I’m ready to put up the Christmas tree right now and call it a year. Fast forward to December 31st and put a tequila in my hand, I need a brand new start. I don’t know if any of you out there have been rejected by a man who pursued you first, but I assure you, the feeling is so messed up. It’s been pretty confidence shattering to be brutally honest, so I’m working through that. I mean I’ve never really experienced rejection like that in my love life before and it happened to me TWICE in the space of about 3 months, so that’s just been awesome. Nice, fat slice of humble pie, thanks 2020. No, in all seriousness, I have just had to accept that’s the decision he’s made. So I need to get over him and move on. I’m still open to the possibility of dating someone, I won’t shut down the idea but I am definitely not as keen to jump into anything as I had been earlier in the year. Gun shy for sure.
  4. How is the book coming along?
    Book is coming along great thanks! Waves of inspiration hit at the most random times but I’ve learned to just roll with it. When I don’t feel it, I don’t force it. When I get brilliant ideas, I get straight to work. I’m excited about it. Can’t wait to see the final product in my hands one day. I have so many ideas so I can definitely see myself writing a few books actually.
  5. Curious… do you listen to music when you write?
    Yes! I do! That must be super obvious, sometimes I listen to a song and relate so much, I straight up just include those lyrics in my blogs.
  6. What made you decide to start this blog?
    I was working in real estate at the time and I absolutely hated it. I felt like I was in a cult. A corporate cult where everyone buys into all this personal and professional development, Tony Robbins horse shit. You had to pretend to care about people and building relationships but everyone was just a money hungry snake in a flash suit. Unless you have a house to sell, no real estate agent gives a shit about you, I promise you that. It was just soul destroying. I was working long hours as a Sales Associate for a boss who had no idea how to work in a team or mentor me for absolute minimum wage. I was so miserable. I eventually started showing up late and leaving early which is probably why I was fired, I just didn’t care anymore. I started this blog to talk about things that I loved. Things that moved me. I credit this blog with helping me focus on things I actually love and that’s writing. I can’t go back to the corporate world. Literature and Education are what make me really happy and I made way more money than I ever made working in a real estate firm. Also, I just really get so much joy out of buying all the newest releases for my kids at school. Getting teenagers in 2020, in their flash Nikes with all their high tech gadgets, actually pick up a book and get lost in stories? Some of my proudest moments. Fiction just gets better and better and there are so many young, amazing authors out there. Everyone is publishing their work, everyone has a story to tell and the world is truly better for it. I’m always going to be creative hearted and not business minded, so I’ve finally worked out how to make that work for me and earn money with it and that all started with this little blog.
  7. Did Franks ever read your last two blogs? What did he say?
    I have no idea if he did or not and I don’t really care. That part of my life is over.
  8. How did you manage to stay busy during Quarantine, if at all?
    Honestly? Working out and writing my book. Sounds boring AF but that’s all I did during lockdown. Call me Bulk Hogan. Or Osama Bin Liftin (cheers James Smith PT) because ya girl has some sexy little baby quads coming through and when Jiu Jitsu comps come back I fully intend on unleashing all my new super power. She’s FIT fit now, mate. LOOK OUT. I’m also really getting back into my boxing. But there was a lot of binging Netflix, gummy bears and boredom too so I’m not going to act like I was this powerhouse of productivity. I wasn’t. I won the house games though. Standard.
  9. Current favourites? Food, TV, Book.
    Sushi always. Tuna Tataki is my favourite. Currently watching S3 of Yellowstone – I have a huge crush on Kacey Dutton. Currently reading Normal People by Sally Rooney so I can watch the show everyone keeps raving about!
  10. Do you ever have regrets about what you share on the blog?
    Never. I’m certain that this blog has gotten to where it is because of my honesty. I’ve shared the good parts, the humiliating parts, the sad parts and my 2 cents on most things. I could have started a blog and just written about clothes or how I do my makeup and probably gained an even bigger following from that but how boring and soul less is all that bullshit? I could not care less about what lipstick you use. I want people to connect more and feel something a bit deeper. This surface crap holds nothing of importance. That’s what I think anyway. So… meh. It is what it is. I’ll continue to write about real life as it happens.
  11. What are you thoughts on BLM?
    The only thoughts any compassionate, kind human being should have and that is no lives matter until black lives matter and I will always sign, donate and scream at the top of my lungs every opportunity I can because this shit is ridiculous. I see you, I hear you, I love you and I stand with all of you. I also urge every Australian who is outraged at what we’ve seen in the US and the UK, to keep that same energy for our home country. The treatment of our Indigenous community by our government has always been horrific and this BLM movement should not be exclusive to those in the US. Aboriginal lives matter too.
  12. How come you never really post on Instagram anymore?
    I’m so bored of Instagram. This era of social media influence is crazy messed up. Everyone’s trying to out do each other with the nicest cars, most expensive sneakers or they’re turning into Mummy Bloggers posting their kids faces for strangers and it’s just one big popularity contest. I stick to Twitter where the gremlins live. Though I do post to my IG stories – just random things.
  13. Best life hack?
    Sleep with a pregnancy pillow. Man, woman, non-binary, doesn’t matter. You’ll never sleep better.

13 and pregnancy pillows seems like an odd place to wrap it up at but it’s almost 1am and I’m dead tired! I bought the cutest pjs so I’m having a hot shower and getting into bed. With my pregnancy pillow. Obvs.

Hope you enjoyed this little snack sized blog to munch on while I think about what I want to really sink my teeth into next. Use the contact page to send through any Q’s or feedback or find the social media links under my header to reach me on IG & Twitter.



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