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We all saw this coming

…and now it’s time to own upto it.

I couldn’t even find the right feature image for this post and I believe that’s fitting, to leave it as is.

I have wrestled with this blog for a long time now. Keeping this site going and creating blogs for you guys has been an immense strain on me this year. It is time for me to place Noir et Blanc on an official hiatus for an indefinite period of time and be honest with you – I just cannot produce this content right now.

2020 fucked everybody. I think I speak for most people when I say we are well and truly ready to see this year off. I need December 31st to get here, I need a large shot of tequila and a fresh start. My OG readers will know how much I love the New Year period.

The past few years with Noir et Blanc brought a very unexpected joy into my life. The way this site blew up, the way people responded and the way posts became requests blew my mind. I started, just wanting to write. Just wanting to have my own page where I could express anything I wanted to. It was never about technique or about correct writing practices, it was about creating a casual and comforting space for us all to come and enjoy the highs, lows and wild stories I had to share.

This blog has seen a lot of things, but it hasn’t seen half of what I intended, for this site to become what I envisioned. When I began, I wanted to post so many travel pieces. Not pieces full of photos of us in instagrammable places, talking about what we saw or what we ate, but how those new places made me feel and things about myself I came to realise along the way. I still hope that when the time comes for me to get on a plane and set off on my adventures again, I will feel that overwhelming rush to open my laptop, come to Noir et Blanc and be inspired to pour myself into fresh blogs. Blogs you will read knowing I came back with true inspiration, stories to tell and emotions that consumed me. A stark contrast to the numb, mundane life that 2020 and its restrictions handed us all.

However, I can’t entirely blame the official break I’m taking from Noir et Blanc on 2020. While I haven’t be able to go many places or experience as much as I had intended for this year, what I have done is devote my time to a blossoming, healthy relationship with Tom and get a great deal of work done on my books. Yes, plural. I am writing two. I am so, so incredibly proud of them and while I still have a long way to go, I am enjoying the process so much that when I sit down to write, Noir et Blanc isn’t even a thought in my brain. I am so excited about these projects, they are all I can focus on. There are a select few people I wish to send these projects to for their feedback and then from there, my hope is they will make their way to all of you to enjoy. I can’t say when that might be, but I can say if that time comes, what I have created will rock you. Knock you into another world. I hate to brag, but I am just that good. *pats shoulder*

A few of the blogs that remain half written and never posted. *sigh*

To the people that read Noir et Blanc and became part of our little corner of the internet, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, you’ll never understand how much I appreciate you all and the confidence you gave me to pursue things I thought would always be dreams. Please find me on social media at any time, reach out, let’s have coffee if I’m in your city.

To the adventures, the places and the boys… oh the boys. SHOUT OUT TO THE BOYS! Where would Noir et Blanc without THE BOYS. For all the good and the bad, the miscommunications, the drama, the heartache and the love – they sure were the perfect cast for a 20-something girl, just writing to her crew about *love life things.* I mean, they can all fuck off – except Paul, we still love love Paul – but you get what I mean. The blog equivalent of Oscars all round. *Applause*

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and now it’s time to let go… for now. My intention, and greatest wish, still remains – to return and perhaps even entirely re-launch this blog in the future when I am inspired and capable of creating the content I know this blog deserved. No restrictions. No travel bans. No bullshit. All love, stories, content and exciting, inspired pieces, posted more often then every 3 months – haha. It’s so sad.

I promise to keep Noir et Blanc in its current state up and active for as long as I see fit. I won’t leave you without a proper goodbye.

For now though, take care. Thank you for making this my favourite place to be since day 1.

With love,


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