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A blog, because I can…

I missed you, let's chat! Life update, nostalgic drunk phone calls and how to make the perfect matcha latte Hello! Is this thing on? Can you hear me? Testing... My babies - it's been a long fucking time. I am sitting in the sunshine, in my bath towel after one of those very cathartic 'everything'… Continue reading A blog, because I can…

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We all saw this coming

...and now it's time to own upto it. I couldn't even find the right feature image for this post and I believe that's fitting, to leave it as is. I have wrestled with this blog for a long time now. Keeping this site going and creating blogs for you guys has been an immense strain… Continue reading We all saw this coming

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Did you think I was done?

Life update, random thoughts and what's next for the blog I spent at least 30 minutes, googling the term "SIKE" just for the sub-heading of this blog but I still haven't determined whether it's 'Sike' or 'Psych' whatever, you get me. Hello you foxy bitches and handsome puppers, I'm back! Did you miss me? You… Continue reading Did you think I was done?

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Emails, DMs, general FAQ’s.

I sat down to reply to a couple of blog Q’s & DMs I received and thought I’d pick some to answer and put them here. I’m still deciding on what I’d like to write about next so, here’s something light and easy to tide you over until then. I love a little Q&A sesh.… Continue reading Emails, DMs, general FAQ’s.